The Simon Air game is a modern twist on the classic Simon game. Here’s how it works:

  1. Touch-Free Technology: Unlike the original Simon game, Simon Air uses touch-free technology. The game unit recognizes your motions as you follow the color sequence.
  2. Game Modes:
    • Classic Mode: Repeat the light pattern as long as possible.
    • Solo Mode: Play alone and try to beat your high score.
    • 2-Player Mode: Team up with a friend to defeat Simon.
  3. Moves:
    • Swoop: Move your hand quickly from one light to another.
    • Swerve: Follow the color sequence by hovering your hand near the lights.
    • Hover: Sense the motion to repeat the colors.
  4. Challenge Yourself: Use both hands to take on the Simon Air challenge!

The game includes the game unit and instructions. It’s a fun table-top game that combines memory and motion. Enjoy Swooping, Swerving, and Hovering to win! 🎮🌟

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