Amelia Jane Collection

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Enid Blyton The Adventures of Amelia Jane book collection.


Enid Blyton’s “The Adventures of Amelia Jane” is a delightful children’s book series featuring the mischievous and adventurous rag doll character, Amelia Jane. In these stories, Amelia Jane gets up to all sorts of antics, often causing trouble for the other toys in the playroom.

The series includes several books, each containing a collection of short stories about Amelia Jane’s escapades. Some of the titles in the series are:

  1. “Naughty Amelia Jane!”
  2. “Amelia Jane Again!”
  3. “Amelia Jane Gets into Trouble!”
  4. “Good Idea, Amelia Jane!”
  5. “Amelia Jane is Naughty Again!”.

In these stories, readers are entertained by Amelia Jane’s antics as she tries to have fun and get her own way, often to the frustration of the other toys. Enid Blyton’s charming storytelling and the lively illustrations bring the character of Amelia Jane to life, making these books beloved classics for young readers.

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